Huge Shopping Portal payouts on Apple Store purchases – Alaska 6x, United 6x, AA 4x, Southwest 3x

A few days ago I wrote a post showing you how you can get up to 7 points per dollar on your purchases. You can see that post here. That deal is an ongoing possibility, while today we have a deal at The Apple Store online that you will need to jump on quickly if you are interested.

Shopping portals are a great way to bump up your mileage balances for shopping you would have done anyway. Just by clicking through a link on a portal, you are awarded with miles, points or cashback for each dollar you spend, in addition to the credit card points you are already earning.

I just recently bought 2 iPhones, one for myself and one for a friend. I waited to see if there would be a portal bonus on Apple Store purchases for awhile, but when it didn’t happen I went ahead and bought them. I spent $1,600 for two iPhone XR’s and purchased them through the Alaska Mileageplan Shopping portal for 1 mile per dollar.

Well, today Alaska’s Shopping Portal is offering 6 miles per dollar on Apple Store purchases, so had I waited another 3 weeks to buy the two phones, I would have netted an additional 8,000 Alaska miles! That stings…but that’s the way it goes in this game!

Be sure to check that the item you want isn’t excluded from the bonus!

These Apple Store bonuses usually only last one day, so today is the day if you had a purchase in mind. You definitely shouldn’t buy something just for the miles, but if you’ve been thinking about it, this should help you decide.

If you are new to Shopping Portals, all you have to do is go to the portal for the airline or hotel that you value the points most for, and sign up. Be sure you are a member of the airline or hotel loyalty program prior to signing up with the portal. This will ensure that your miles are credited properly. Then be sure to click on the store, in this case Apple Store, before making a purchase. By clicking on the portal link you will be redirected to the site that where you will be shopping. The portal will track your purchase and shortly thereafter will award you your miles for the purchase.

I value Alaska Airlines miles over all other airline currency, so they are my portal of choice, but today you have a choice between several portals for Apple Store bonuses. Always check a site like Cashbackmonitor, to see the latest payouts for any store. As you can see in this screenshot it is up to date with today’s bonuses.

Nice bonuses on Apple Store purchases!

Final Thoughts:

Today is the day I didn’t wait long enough for, but if you’ve had an Apple Store purchase in mind, today is the day to maximize your purchase. Keep in mind that there are exclusions, so read the fine print to make sure the product you want isn’t on the excluded list. Usually new products, like iPhones when they first launch, are excluded for a while, but all phones seem to now be included.

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